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Marion Fair 6/19, Figure 8 Winners

USA would like to thank the Marion Fair for hosting a spectacular start to the 2021 racing season. 
Racing is FREEDOM!
Many times we don’t realize what we have until it is taken away.
Thank you Drivers, Families, Friends, and Fans!
USA can only put on the top notch shows that we do with your participation.

Congratulations Winners!
MOD FWD Figure 8
1st – Kyle Kortier #13K
2nd – Dillion Muylaert #904
3rd – Kevin Rochon #927
4th – Ben Linton #42
5th – Brandon Suchodolski #888
6th – Billy Simpson #421
7th – David Laney #11
8th – Anthony Trudo #410
Stock FWD Figure 
1st – David Laney #22
2nd – Jack Kortier #74
3rd – Thomas Saxton #009
RWD Figure 8
1st – Trevor Dailey #7x
2nd – Kenton Morley #M2
3rd – Michael Barabe #480
4th – Richard Palmreuter #420
5th – Chaz Debo #112
6th – Brad Debo #40
7th – Chad Palmreuter #187
8th – Chris Light #5x
Youth Heat Bump ‘n’ Run
Winner – Keith Edgerton #410

Bump ‘n’ Run Championship 2019 Winners

It was a warm and muggy day at the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds for the very last, 2019 USA motorsports event – the very first, USA Bump ‘n’ Run Championship!

USA started the afternoon off  with a beautiful rendition of the Nation Anthem sang by a very talented local, Robert Fay of Lapeer, MI.
Thank you, Robert you may sing for USA anytime!

Next up, the kids entertained us with their power wheels. The goal was to complete 5 laps.

Drivers, Start your Engines!


Congratulations CC Motz – 1st Place Winner

Finally, USA acknowledged our best 2019 drivers with awards.

2019 Best Garage Support – George Tripp & Drivers (Lucus Mills #L91, Trae Hill #710, Chaz Hill #310, Chander Hill #410)
2019 Most Improved Driver – Lucus Mills #L91
2019 Most Improved Driver – John Bellmer #17
2019 Sportman Driver – Michael Heisler #68
2019 Driver of the Year – Mitchell Pratt #M19
2019 Most Dedicated Garage – Mike Garage (Mitchell Pratt #M19, Ben White #639, Ricky Hilliker #523, Anthony Trudo #921Jr, Hunter Thorner #828)

Then the race began.

3, 2, 1, Go! FWD heats begin.


FWD A Main Winners
FWD B Main Winners

And the winners are:
FWD Bump ‘n’ Run A Main Winners:
1st – Mike Heisler #68
2nd – Ben White #639
3rd – Ricky Hilliker #523
4th – Dan Malburg #520
5th – Kyle Kortier #13K
6th – Todd White #1217
7th – Chuck Miller Sr #54
8th – Aaron Geschke #913
FWD Bump ‘n’ Run B Main Winners:
1st – Jim Branham #BR1
2nd – Trae Hill #710
3rd – Dale Miron #919


3, 2, 1, the RWD heat begins.  

These cars are ferociously competitive.
And the winners are . . .

RWD Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – Jason Barabe #510
2nd – Chris Light #5x
3rd – Jason Goff #500
4th – Thomas Bolday #53
5th – Michael Barabe #480
6th – Brandon Packer #59
7th – Brad Beaubien #400
8th – John Pool Sova #11x

USA would like to thank everyone for participating.
See you again in 2020!


2019 Munger Figure 8 Championship Winners

USA Rear Wheel Drive Figure 8 Drivers

USA Front Wheel Drive Figure 8 Drivers

And the race began with the quick, twisting movement of the cars speeding in the shape of a figure eight. The heats alternated between FWD and RWD action.

FWD cars making a lap

RWD cars battling it out on the track!

Congratulations Winners!


FWD A Main Winners – 1st, 2nd , 3rd

FWD A Main Figure 8:
1st – Todd White #1217
2nd – Jim Branham #BR1
3rd – Todd Kerr #523
4th – Ricky Hilliker #523x
5th – Mitchell Pratt #M19
6th – Richie Mielens #.08

FWD B Main Winner – Kyle Kortier #13K

FWD B Main Figure 8:
1st – Kyle Kortier #13K
2nd – Dustin Staton #22s
3rd – Jason McFarland #31Jr


RWD Figure 8 Winners – 1st, 2nd, 3rd

RWD A Main Figure 8:
1st – Trevor Dailey #53
2nd – CJ Milton #74
3rd – Brad Debo #40
4th – Jason Barabe #510
5th – Chad Palmreuter #187
6th – Kenton Morley #M2


RWD Figure 8 Winner – Chris Light #5x

RWD B Main Figure 8:
1st – Chris Light #5x
2nd – Chaz Debo #112
3rd – John Pool Sova #11x

USA Figure 8 racing has come to an end for another year. We’d like to thank all drivers and spectators for making this a spectacular year. We wish everyone a happy Fall/Winter Season with building even bigger and better cars for 2020. See you in the Spring!
USA would also like to recognize Garber Chevrolet Midland  with a special thank you for sponsoring the 2019 Figure 8 season!


Munger 2019 Figure 8 Championship Meet & Greet plus Awards

It was a beautiful day to celebrate the 2019 USA Figure 8 grand finale sponsored by Garber Chevrolet Midland. This race showcases the most elite figure 8 drivers in the State of Michigan and thankfully, USA has the privilege of presenting their talent to fans. There were 42 FWD Drivers and 30 RWD Drivers.
The afternoon began with an interactive session for fans to get up close and personal with drivers and their FWD & RWD cars. Questions were asked, autographs signed, treats handed out, and family fun thrived!

Proud drivers surrounded by family!

Families that Race together, Stay together … The Hartsock’s!

Debo’s Body Shop Family – Brad and Chaz Debo.

The comedy duo of Todd White and Todd Kerr – Shake and Bake!

Long time racers become fast friends and part time comedians.






Up next, was oval racing fun for the kids with their power wheels.
Congratulations 1st place Winner – Jace Serratos!

Before the show started, USA completed the afternoon with Driver’s awards and a touching tribute to the Malone family, Traci & Alan, who were injured in a car accident this summer on the way home from a USA race. 

Congratulations everyone!

2019 FWD F8 Points Champion – James Palmreuter #68
2019 FWD Driver of the Year – David Laney #22
2019 Lady Driver of the Year – Chelsie Hartsock #16-17
2019 Hard Charger – Billy Simpson #421
2019 Showman Driver of the Year – Kyle Kortier #13K
2019 Most Dedicated Driver of the Year – Dale Bush Jr #626
2019 Sponsor of the Year – Garber Chevroler Midland (Thank you Bryan Dinsmore)
2019 Best Decorated FWD F8 Car – James Forbin

FWD Figure 8 Driver’s with their awards.

2019 RWD F8 Points Champion – Chad Palmreuter #187
2019 RWD Driver of the Year – Brad Debo #40
2019 Hard Charger of the Year – CJ Milton #74
2019 Showman Driver of the Year – Richard (The Boom) Palmreuter #420
2019 Sportsman Driver of the Year – Kenton Morley #M2
2019 Best Family Support – The Palmreuter Family
2019 Best Decorated RWD F8 Car – Chad Palmreuter

RWD Figure 8 Driver’s and their awards.                   

Wow! Look at the size of this group … the Palmreuter Family!

Malone Strong – Traci and Alan Malone surrounded by well wishers!

Richmond Good Old Days Derby Championship 2019 Winners

It was a beautiful day for the last USA demolition derby event of the year sponsored by Advanced Tree Experts, Inc & North East Plumbing, Inc.
The day began with the kids battling it out in their power wheels.

Kids Power Wheels Demo Derby Championship                      

Congratulations goes to Kylee Desmarais, winner!
Immediately following the kids derby event, the spotlight went to the top 2019 USA Derby drivers and the awards they received.

2019 FWD Derby Driver of the Year – Kyle Kortier #13K
2019 Overall Driver of the Year – Steven (Princess) Bauer #517
2019 RWD Derby Driver of the Year – Jason Goff #500
2019 Most Dedicated Driver of the Year – Robin Anquetil #15
2019 Hard Charger of the Year – Bryan Dinsmore #66 (not pictured)
2019 RWD Derby Sponsor of the Year –  Advanced Tree Experts Inc, Mike Szyska (not pictured)
2019 FWD Derby Sponsor of the Year – North East Plumbing Inc, Robert Miller
USA would like to give another special thank you to the sponsors, Advanced Tree Experts of Memphis, MI & North East Plumbing of Goodells, MI.
We would not be able to do all we’ve done this year for the drivers without your support!

RWD Stock Class Derby Heat


RWD Stock Class Winners

After awards, the show began with the RWD Stock derby heat. 
RWD STK Derby Winners:
1st – Thomas Bolday #53
2nd – Zackary Pardeike #20
3rd – Kyle Kreger #11
Then the FWD Stock derby heat followed.

And the winners are:
1st – Ricardo Martinez #418
2nd – Tom Kortier #1776
3rd – Tom Tessmer #328

FWD Stock Derby Heat & Winners

RWD Derby cars line up – 1, 2, 3, GO!

RWD Limited Weld 1st, 2nd , 3rd Place Winners

The afternoon finished off with the RWD Limited Weld finale. The best derby drivers from all over the state of Michigan along with some of our Canadian neighbors participated in this event.
RWD Limited Weld Winners:
1st – Ron Devroy Jr #115
2nd – Steven Bauer #517
3rd – Brian Sheldon #218
4th – Doug Medlyn #503
5th – Dave Meyer #42
6th – Darren Hill #797
7th – Justin Sherman #323
8th – Jason Goff #500
9th – CJ Milton #74
10th – Jeff Miller #22
Congratulations everyone! Thank you to all our drivers for making the USA event show the best in the state of Michigan.
See you in 2020!


Saline Autocross Championship 9/1/2019

2019 Autocross Championship Drivers



The day started out a little wet, but cleared up for an exciting race with drivers goofing around and enjoying  each others company.

To start the night, USA recognized our 2019 outstanding drivers with awards.



Most Appreciated Driver of the Year – Jason McFarland #31
Most Dedicated Driver of the Year – Johnathon Tartamella #716
2019 Driver of the Year – David Lowell #614
Sportsman Driver of the Year – Justin Southward #276
Best Decorated Car – Hunter Allen #911


This years’ championship event featured 2 classes of cars: MOD & Stock.

MOD Autocross Cars





Stock Autocross Cars

1st Place A Main Winner – Kyle Kortier #13K

1st Place B Main Winner Ricky Hilliker #523

The winners are:
MOD Autocross A Main
1st – Kyle Kortier – 13K
2nd – Mitchell Pratt – #M19
3rd – Kevin Rochon #927
4th – Ben White #639
5th – Derrick Duke #7
6th – Todd White #1217
7th – Tony Gilbert #7J
8th – Mike Heisler #68
9th – James Palmreuter #69
10th – Jim Branham #BR1


MOD Autocross B Main:
1st – Ricky Hilliker #523
2nd – Brendon Doyle #17B
3rd – Billy Vasas #85

Stock Autocross:
1st – Mark Argo #12XL
2nd – Kyle Kortier #13K
3rd – Tom Owen #62

Autocross Stock Winner Mark Argo #12XL  

Congratulations Gentlemen!
Thank you to all drivers for making the 2019 racing season so pleasant.
See you in 2020!




Chippewa County Fair 2019, 8/28, Autocross & Mini Van Derby Winners

Another great night racing in Upper Michigan!
The drivers around here really come out and support this sport with great car count even when the weather isn’t the best. 

Congratulations to the Winners!

1st – Matthew Segura #95
2nd – Dylan Vallick #77
3rd – Marcus Golladay #906

Mini Van Demo Derby:
1st – Shaun Davis #007
2nd – Christafer Cornwell #35
3rd – Marcus Golladay #906

Chippewa County Fair 2019, 8/27, Bump ‘n’ Run & RWD Derby Winners

The car count was amazing for a show that was a long, wet, muddy race. These drivers from Upper Michigan were here to have some serious fun.

Congratulations to all the Winners! 

Bump ‘n’ Run:
1st – Mikey Marble #383
2nd – Christafer Cornwell #35
3rd – Christopher Jeffreys #187

Mini Van Bump ‘n’ Run Heat:
1st – Christopher Porcaro #33
2nd – David Coullard #24
3rd – Shaun Davis #007

RWD Derby:
1st – Glen Germain #42
2nd – Steven Perrault #8
3rd – Daniel Carnahan #47

Best Decorated Car:
Owen Switzer #22s

USA would like to add a word of gratitude to Anytime Towing for their time and help with car removal!

Genesee County Fair 2019, 8/25, Mud Bog Winners

Tonight was the first mud bog show promoted by USA. It was a  good change of pace for USA. We look forward to offering more mud bog events in the future.
Great job to the drivers for giving us an entertaining night.

Congratulations Winners!
MOD Truck Class:
1st – Josh Newsom
2nd – Chaz Taylor
3rd – Brandon Sherman
Stock Truck Class:
1st – William Wingfield Jr
2nd – Jared Jacobson
3rd – Jordan Whitman

Genesee County Fair 2019, 8/23, Derby Winners

Fall is in the air with these crisp, cool nights. The racing season is coming to an end; championship time is here!
There will be 4 championships this year: autocross, derby, figure 8, and bump ‘n’ run. Information about theses events
is available under the schedule tab of the menu.

Congratulations Winner!

FWD Stock Derby:
1st – Michael Dewar #D4
2nd – Lucus Mills #L91
3rd – Chuck Miller Sr #54

RWD Derby:
1st – Chuck Miller Jr #154
2nd – Jonathon Belanger #099
3rd – Jason Strace #77
4th – Jason Goff #500
5th – Justin Sherman #Elsie
6th – Nicholas Palmer #696

Bump ‘n’ Run:
1st – Lucus Mills #L91