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Munger Potato Festival 2019, 7/25, FWD & RWD Figure 8 Winners

Another great summer night watching the races, Potato Fest Style!

Congratulations Winners!

FWD Figure 8:
1st – Tony Gilbert #439

2nd – James Palmreuter #69J

3rd – David Laney #22

4th – Jonathon Hopkins #7J

5th – Todd Kerr #523

6th – Anthony Gilbert #438

7th – Austin Huff #511

8th – Todd White #1217

RWD Figure 8:
1st – Brad Debo #40

2nd – Kenton Morley #M-2

3rd – Chad Palmreuter #187

4th – Chaz Debo #112

5th – Justin Craft #J7Jr

6th – Chris Light #5x



Saline Autocross Championship, September 22, 2018

                                                            2018 Autocross Drivers Smile for their Fans.

Driver presents trophy to a fan!

USA has ended their season with a long night of autocross racing sponsored by Corey Miechels and Miechels Auto Salvage.
Awards were presented to drivers for the following:
Best Decorated Car – Tom Owens
Lady Driver of the Year – Anna Duke #3D
Sponsor of the Year – Miechels Auto Salvage
Showman Driver of the Year – Tom Owen #62
Driver of the Year – Kyle Kortier #13K

                                     Sportsmans Driver of the Year – Dustin Staton #22S
                                           Rookie of the Year – Jakob Hansen #77x

The racing started out with a lot of fast, rolling action and didn’t let up ’til the end!

Congratulations Drivers!

A Main:
1st – Jim Branham #BR1
2nd – Kyle Kortier #13K
3rd – Michael Heisler #68
4th – Jim Duke #3D                                                                                  
5th – Millie Staton #247
6th – Zachary Miechels #402                                                                                                            
7th – Mitchell Pratt #M19
8th – Tom Kortier #1776
9th – Tony Gilbert #439




B Main:                                                                                                                                                           
1st – Ricky Hilliker #122
2nd – Jason McFarland #31Jr
3rd – Jordan Miechels #37J
4th-   Todd Kerr #523                                                                                                                    

C Main:
1st – Ben White #639
2nd – Kevin Rochon #927                                                                     
3rd – Cody Argo #2XL
4th – Austin Markins #1313

Powder Puff Heat Winner:

1st – Millie Staton #247
2nd – Maryann Bringhurst #330
3rd – Becky Richardson #12B

A special thank you to Lowell’s Towing and David Lowell for car removal during this event.










Munger Figure 8 Championship Winners, September 15, 2018

And the winners are:

                              1st and 2nd Place FWD Figure 8 share a handshake.

                     1st and 2nd Place RWD Figure 8 drivers show sportsmanship.

FWD Figure 8
A Main:
1st – Todd White #1217
2nd – Zachary Miechels #402
3rd – Kevin Rochon #927
4th – Dale Bush Jr #620
5th – Kyle Kortier #13K
6th – Jim Duke #3D
7th – Mike Heisler #68
8th – Ron Smith #114
B Main: 
1st – Todd Kerr #523
2nd – Tony Gilbert #1
3rd – Mike Armock #32

RWD Figure 8
A Main:
1st – Jason Barabe #510
2nd – Chaz Debo #1120
3rd – Brandon Packer #59
4th – Kenton Morley #M2
5th – Chad Palmreuter #187
6th – Brad Debo #40
B Main:
1st – Jory Magness #72
2nd – Chris Light #5x
3rd – Thomas Bolday #53


Thank you to all Drivers. Tune up those cars and we’ll see you in 2019!

Special Thanks to our 2018 Figure 8 sponsor Mike Szyska, Advanced Tree Experts, Inc.





Munger Figure 8 Meet & Greet plus Awards, September 15, 2018

The most anticipated night of USA Figure 8 drivers is over and the season has finished for another year. It was sponsored by our 2018 Sponsor of the Year – Mike Syska and Advanced Tree Experts, Inc.
It began with a meet and greet so drivers could interactive with their fans by signing autographs and handing out treats.

Chelsea Davis #999 prepares for fans with plenty of treats!

Greeting the fans and signing autographs.


# Fan Appeal!

Meet & Greet – The only time RWD and FWD mingle.







USA drivers rely on family support.

94.5, The Moose FM covered this event with help from The Todd’s.

This lasted about an hour and a half, then drivers had to get cars back to the pit area and report for a  drivers meeting before the race could begin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

2018 USA Figure 8 Drivers Group Photo.


Wow, this is a large group – 40 FWD Drivers & 32 RWD Drivers.                                                                                                                                              

Next up was awards for the season.
FWD Figure 8 Awards:                                                                                                                                         

Points Champion & Driver of the Year – Kyle Kortier #13K
Sportsman Driver of the Year – Todd Kerr #523
Showman Driver of the Year – David Laney #22
               Rookie of the Year – Kendall Morrison #K11 & Jon Hopkins #7J        Lady Driver of the Year – Chelsea Davis #999


RWD Figure 8 Awards:
Points Champion & Driver of the Year – Chad Palmreuter #187    
Rookie of the Year – Justin Craft #J7jr
Driver of the Year – Trevor Dailey #53
Hard Charger of the Year – Brad Beaubien #400

Now, it was time for ACTION! Green Flag!

Figure 8 racing is about timing. It requires quick acting so the driver completes his laps in a twisting motion without getting caught in the intersection or stuck in a jam around the tire. The checkered flag is the winner.




Saline Demolition Derby Championship, September 8, 2018

                         The 2018 USA Derby Drivers are a great looking group of guys!

The 2018 USA Demolition Derby Season has finished up with it’s Championship Event held at the Saline Fair. The gates opened at 3PM and after a long day of inspections and fixes, the show began.  

               Demolition Derby Award Winners

First on the agenda, was recognition and awards for some fine drivers. These awards are chosen by the officials based of each driver’s performances throughout the 2018 racing season. They are then presented to our drivers on Championship night.  

Drivers from left to right in photo:

Ted Dalia #674 – RWD Hard Charger

Jason Goff #500 – RWD Driver of the Year

Robert Petit #015 – RWD Sportsman Driver

Brian Boelter #10 – FWD Hard Charger

John Pool Sova #11x – FWD Driver of the Year  

 The night started out with FWD MOD action.

           The FWD MOD cars WRECK IT!


    1st and 2nd Place FWD MOD Derby Winners




              3rd Place FWD MOD Derby Winner





Congratulation Winners!     

1st – Solon Grey #23

2nd – Corey Miechiels #423  

3rd – Kevin Rochon #927                                  





                    1st and 2nd Place Truck Winners






                   3rd Place Truck Winner









Then, the trucks showed us how they like to CRASH!                                                          

  1st – Trevor Couturier #14    

  2nd – Josh Englebrecht #41    

  3rd – Brett Couturier #10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The cool, breezy night finished off with the battle everyone was anticipating. These guys fought their hearts out, but only one outlasted everyone else.                                                                                                                                               

                                                                      The RWD Derby cars Clash for Cash!

Congratulation Winners!

1st and 2nd Place Winners Shake Hands

      3rd Place takes a Moment to Relax

 Hard Hitter of the Night Embraces 1st






1st – Jason Goff #500

2nd – CJ Milton #74

3rd – Jacob Kawnacki #196

Mad Dog – Darren Hill #797

Everyone had a great night and we can’t wait to see you race again next year with USA!

Get building those cars guys; its never to early to start over.


A special thank you to Lowell’s Towing and David Lowell for help with car removal.


Saline County Fair, 9/2, Autocross Winners

The last race of the season has ended and it was HOT and fast! Thank you to everyone that has supported us this season; we wouldn’t be here without great drivers, spectators, and venues to promote these shows.

See everyone at the Championships!

Demolition Derby Championship – Clash for Cash on September 9, 2018 @ 7PM.

See RWD Cars, FWD Modified Cars, and Trucks spare for cash with the top three in each class winning a cash prize. Total cash prizes for the day will be $17,000 plus trophies!

See additional details at

Autocross Championship – September 22, 2018 @ 7PM.

These quick moving cars will be completing laps without getting spun out to win prizes totaling over $5,750 plus trophies. Additional details at


Congratulations  Autocross Winners:

1st – Todd White #1217

2nd – Todd Gilbert #48

3rd – Kyle Kortier #13K

4th – Kevin Rochon #927

5th – Glenn Jones #2-1

6th – Shawn Nicks #313

7th – JT Harley #994

8th – Jason McFarland #31Jr

Powder Puff Heat:

1st – Becky Richardson #12B

2nd – Millie Staton #28G