Saline AutoCross Championship, 9/5, Winners

It was a bittersweet day as the last autocross race for the 2021 USA racing season was hosted by the Saline County Fair.
However, drivers, take a well deserved break, but don’t forget that the 2022 racing season will be here sooner than you realize! So, get to work prepping a faster, stronger car because fans will be ready to cheer louder than ever for their favorite USA drivers.

Congratulations Drivers!

MOD AutoCross Winners
A Main:
1st – Kyle Kortier #13K
2nd – Mike Heisler #68
3rd – Dave Machler #x97
4th – Eric Gilbert #28G
5th – Mike Vail #V90
6th – Dustin Staton #22s
7th – Todd Kerr #523
8th – Todd White #1217
B Main:
1st – Adam Hall #13
2nd – Brendon Doyle #17b
3rd – Todd Gilbert #48G
Stock AutoCross Winners:
1st – Kyle Kortier #13K
2nd – Robert Jaques #45
3rd – Ben Linton #42
Heat Winners: Kevin Rochon #927, Kyle Kortier #13K, David Laney #18

See everyone in 2022! 😆