“Hello and Welcome!”

This is a message we will deliver over 30 times in 2017, from May through September, at fairgrounds and festivals across this fine state of Michigan. Should you happen to be a first time visitor to one of our U.S.A sanctioned events, “Welcome” and if you have experienced our competition before, “Welcome Back!”

2017 is a very prominent year for us marking our 42nd anniversary of staging automobile mayhem before fair and festival grandstand crowds like you. The U.S.A. group started out with the ever popular smashing and crashing Demolition Derby event. A couple years later, we introduced a second thrill with the Figure Eight Derby and the dreaded intersection crossing twice per lap. A few years ago, we inducted the Auto-Cross Enduro(sometimes called a Bump & Run and Demo Scramble) into our series, offering a new challenge with twists, turns and jumps that the drivers must outmaneuver in order to claim victory.

The obvious stars of our shows are the cars (which take truly amazing amounts of punishment), most of which were born right here in Michigan. We can’t overlook the real stars the brave men and women that pilot the automobiles. Also, the time and talent from a dedicated crew that have built these warrior auto to compete on the track. Countless hours of preparation have been put into each one of these cars by the drivers and their pit crews.

As we have ventured into the 21st century, local county fair or festivals have a lot of “bang for the buck.” Take the atmosphere of a fun filled county fair or festival and add the thrills of a U.S.A. motorized event you’ve got serious excitement and fun for the whole family!

If you witness one of our standard Demolition Derbies, notice the abuse these cars take and the punishment inflicted on competitors’ cars. Watch the quickness and clever timing of the Figure Eight drivers as they approach and pass through the dreaded intersection. Catch the skill of the Auto-Cross drivers as they navigate the many twists and jumps on the track. These motorized gladiators know just the right moves to make and when to make them. Sometimes breaks don’t go a driver’s way, but they keep coming back and digging until they do. This all makes for a great show! Tonight we will surely crown a winner, and that winner can take his or her place in the season-ending State Championship competition.

We can’t let this evening pass without a tribute to those making up this U.S.A. event. First, there are the officials. It takes a sizable and knowledgeable crew to stage one of these programs. Officials must react quickly and fairly to any situation that occurs. We must credit all the dedicated festival and fair board members that have organized and prepared the track for this evenings competition. Also, the safety crews, police, fire, ambulance, sponsors, and the most important ingredient “You the race fan”.

Back by popular demand is the Pick-Up Truck and Mini-Van Demolition Derby heat at a few selected shows. We will also be including a Team Demolition Derby heat at a couple of our shows in 2017. Most of our Figure Eight shows will consist of two classes of cars: the big V-8 class and the Front Wheel Drive class. If you turn to the very center of your Souvenir Program, these added events are listed along with our complete 2017 schedule.

As we mentioned earlier, this year’s tour takes us on the roads of Michigan for five months. Like most other sports, our drivers and fans look forward to an end of the season championship. 2017 is no exception, we will hold championship’s in each one of our division series. First is our 42nd Demolition Derby Championship, at Saline Community Fair on September 9th. There is $6,500 up for grabs for all qualified cars (two classes: big and compact), as well as, Pick-Up Truck and Mini-Van Demolition Derby drivers, sponsored by Lowell’s Towing and Northside Collision. One week later, the big one for the RWD & FWD cars. Figure Eight Championship will take place on Saturday, September 16th at Munger, with action starting at 6:30 pm. $10,000 (and lots of bragging rights) are up for the taking to all qualified Figure Eight contenders. The Auto-Cross Enduro Championship will be held at the Washtenaw Farm Council grounds in Ann Arbor (Saline Fairgrounds) on September 23rd, sponsored by Miechiel’s Auto Salvage this very end of the season shoot-out. The top drivers throughout the Midwest will be competing in these three different division championships. You will not want to miss any of these championships.

On behalf of my wife, myself, the extended U.S.A. family and a dedicated staff back in our offices in Belleville, Michigan, we all look forward to the opportunity to entertain you. The drivers and crews some are hometown heroes have spent many countless hours in automobile combat preparation. We have a long history of coming together for your entertainment so sit back and enjoy and thanks for letting U.S.A. competition be a part of your fair or festival experience.

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