“Hello and Welcome!”

We are happy to be here with you as your entertainment choice. Our goal is to provide an exciting, fun motorsports event for our racers, their fans, and all spectators. In 2018, we will deliver 33 USA shows across the great state of Michigan from May to September at your local fairs and festivals.

The USA Demolition Derby Company began 42 years ago. While this should be our 43rd season, you may be unaware that the company has a new owner. Sonny and Rosie Hall, who started this fine business, have officially retired from USA. So, let’s start season 42-1 with a Hello and Welcome again to all USA racers, fans, and spectators! My name is Jack Fistler Jr, and I am the new owner of USA Demolition Derbies, LLC.

I’d like to begin by giving you a short bio of myself. I am a family man with a wife and 7 children ages 18 to 1. I enjoy motorsports and have been around it my whole life. I started participating in events at the age of 14 as number ‘Jr7’ and have been in all three events: demolition derby, figure eight, and autocross (bump & run). For the last seven years, I have been promoting shows in my local area with a group of friends. Presently, I still participate in demolition derbies outside of Michigan. I’m excited to be the new owner of this great company. I’m passionate about promoting motorsports events that will be a fair, fun, and safe experience for all. Okay, enough about me. Let’s get back to what’s important, the USA shows!

A demolition derby is full of hard hitting action with the goal of being the last car moving. It has three different classes: front wheel drive, full size truck and vans, and traditional rear wheel drive. Then there is the quick moving, twisting figure eight. It has two classes: front wheel drive and rear wheel drive. These cars require clever timing at the intersection to be the first to complete the laps and win. Next, is an exciting, fast paced course with twisting turns and bumps called an autocross. Drivers navigate the track to complete the laps as quickly as possible without getting spun out. Another event that is offered at select fairs is a burnout. Participants have fun squealing and smoking tires. Lastly, is the cutest race USA promotes. It showcases our favorite fans, the children! The USA power wheels event features kids having fun racing laps with their battery powered vehicle. All our shows are serious fun and excitement for the whole family. Each of the 32 fair and festival shows we are promoting this summer have a unique combination of events. Be sure and check the schedule for dates and details.

The USA shows would not be possible without our stars, the drivers and their pit crews. These men, women, and children are a courageous group of individuals. They spend countless hours preparing their automobiles for our entertainment. Their talent for building cars and desire to compete and win is the force that keeps this sport going along with their supportive family members.

Another integral element of a great show is dedicated officials that provide equal standards to all participants. The USA Official’s and Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They are trained to react quickly and fairly to any situation that arises during a show. They work alongside the safety crew, (your local fire, police and ambulance),to provide a safe show for “You the Race Fan.” We also acknowledge the dedicated festival and fair board members that prepare their venues as an important ingredient to this show. Thank you!

A new addition to USA is a drawing contest. Each year we have a coloring contest to select one winner from 4 age categories to receive a $25 prize. The drawing contest has a unique twist to it. The selected artist will not only receive a $100 prize, but their drawing will be published as the next years’ coloring contest page with thousands viewing it.
Our racing season finishes up in September with three much anticipated season championships. Each participating driver in these events has either won a race or participated in two USA events on different nights. The Demolition Derby Championship is on Saturday, September 8 at the Saline Community Fairgrounds at 7pm with a $17,000 purse for the winners. The Figure Eight Championship is at the Munger Festival Grounds on Saturday, September 15 at 6:30pm. Advanced Tree Experts Inc. has sponsored the B Main for this race. There will be a $11,600 payout for the winners. Our final event, the Autocross Championship is sponsored by Miechiels Auto Salvage on Saturday, September 22 at 7pm. It has a $5,750 payout to these winners.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for this opportunity to entertain you in 2018 and for many more years to come. Make sure you check out the new line of apparel available at the trailer. Show everyone you are USA!

Enjoy the show!

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