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Bump and run championship

October 8th at the croswell fairgrounds stk and mod fwd bump and run championship along with a heat of motor swap and fwd Stock derbys 2000 to win mod 1000 to win stk bnr 1000 to win ms derby 800 to win stk fwd derby 

Motor swap class is added for derby championship

We have added motor swap class to the derby championship September 10th.

Bump n run championship is now in croswell october 8th

We have moved the bump and run championship to croswell October 8th. 

St clair 4h

Attention everyone coming to the st clair figure 8 July 23rd start time is 4pm not 7pm as listed on the schedule.

Genesee County Fair, 8/27, Winners

Congratulations Drivers! It has been a hot and steamy week. Thank you to all that participated, especially with these conditions.

Mod FWD Figure 8 Winners:
1st – Kyle Kortier #13k
2nd – David Laney #22
3rd – Todd White #1217
4th – Cody Argo #2xL
5th – Jeremy Bader #39
6th – Dillon Muylaert #904
Stock FWD Figure 8 Winners:
1st – Kyle Brooks #7
2nd – James Palmreuter #69J
3rd – Cody Ayers #2Ez

Munger Potato Festival, 7/29, Winners

Thank you Munger Potato Festival for hosting this event. Drivers and Fans in this area of MI truly LOVE  the racing and turn out in HUGE numbers, especially after having a year off. It was great to be back!
Congratulations Drivers!
RWD Figure 8:
1st – Chaz Debo #112
2nd – Chris Light #5x
3rd – Kenton Morley #M2
4th – Mike Giffin #31Jr
5th – John Pool Sova #3
6th – Chad Palmreuter #187
FWD Stock Derby:
1st – Trevor Dailey #53
2nd – Richie Mielens #.08
3rd – Mike Wahl #38