Midland County Fair, 8/19, Winners

Thank you Midland County Fair for hosting your first Bump ‘n’ Run race. The racing began with power wheels fun for the kids which was sponsored by https://juddsrental.com/ and the Lawn and Garden Stihl Dealer. USA is also promoting a youth class heat race for participants age 10-17,  to begin racing, but aren’t ready to race against adult drivers yet.  

Congratulations Drivers!

Power Wheels Winner:
Isabella Laney
MOD FWD Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – Ben Linton #42
2nd – Johnathon Thompson #24
3rd – Dale Myron #919
4th – Brandon Korthals
5th – Cody Inman #I3
6th – David Laney #22
7th – Thomas Perkins #1616
8th – Ron Smith Jr #114
Stock FWD Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – Ronald Baker #52
2nd – David Laney #22
3rd – Ben Linton #42x
RWD Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – John Pool-Sova #3
2nd – Zac Barnowski #22z
3rd – Chad Palmreuter #187
Youth Class Heat Winners:
1st – Breanna Roe #R03
2nd – Cole Rezler #00
3rd – Carson Kiczenski #x24x