Chippewa County Fair, 8/29, Autocross & Mini Van Derby Winners

Another great night racing in Upper Michigan! The drivers around here really come out and support this sport with great car count. 

USA would like to thank Anytime Towing for their generous donation to the purse and for help with car removal so the race ran smoothly. We appreciate you!

Congratulations Winners!


1st – Timothy Lambert #1415

2nd – Halden Shipp Jr #78

3rd – Christafer Cornwell #35

4th – Chris Porcaro #33

5th – Brian Azevedo #13A

6th – David Burke Jr #34

7th – Keith Krull #44

8th – Kyle Maleport #4

Mini Van Demo Derby:

1st – Christafer Cornweill #35

2nd – Larry Miller #3

3rd – Hunter Lambert #12